Hd flexo printing machine

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Hd flexo printing machine

Jul 01, 2024

A new ink HD machine in the factory was completed, and the color was perfect after testing

The size is 1400mm*2400mm

Feeding unit + printing unit + oil unit + drying unit + die-cutting unit


High quality printing: carton HD printing press adopts advanced printing technology, which can achieve high resolution printing effect, making the print image clear and rich in details, and improving the overall texture and image of the product.


Rich color performance: HD printing press adopts a wider color gamut range and higher color reproduction ability, which can accurately restore the color set by the designer, making the carton more full and vivid in color, enhancing the visual appeal of the product.


Cost savings: Traditional printing methods may require the production of printing plates or die-cutting tools, etc., while high-definition printing machines use digital printing processes, without plate making, saving time and capital costs.


Personalized customization: HD printing presses allow flexible adjustment of printing design, can be customized according to customer needs, carton printing, thereby enhancing the uniqueness of the product, increase market competitiveness.


Improve efficiency: The use of high-definition printing presses can achieve automated printing process, reduce manual intervention, improve production efficiency and print production speed.


Good durability: The ink and paint used in HD printing presses have good durability and are not easy to fade or be affected by external factors, ensuring that the printing quality of the carton remains stable over a long period of time.


Sustainable development: The water-based and environmentally friendly ink used in HD printing presses has less impact on the environment, meets the requirements of sustainable development, and is conducive to the realization of green production by enterprises.


Flexible application range: HD printing machine is suitable for different types and sizes of carton printing, can be applied to a variety of industries, such as food, electronics, cosmetics, etc., to meet the packaging needs of different products.


Enhance product image: The high-quality printing effect of high-definition printing presses can enhance the appearance image and brand value of products, and increase the recognition and competitiveness of products in the market.


Good printing accuracy: HD printing presses have high printing accuracy and registration capabilities, which can achieve accurate printing of complex patterns and details, ensuring that the quality of printed matter meets or exceeds customer requirements.


Fast time to market: The efficient production capacity and flexibility of HD printing machines can shorten the time to market of products to meet the rapidly changing needs of the market.


Reduce errors and scrap: The digital control system of the HD printing press can reduce operator errors and provide real-time quality monitoring and adjustment, reducing the scrap rate caused by human factors.


Improve customer satisfaction: HD presses enable more accurate printing results and shorter lead times, providing a better customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Innovative design possibilities: HD printing presses can achieve more diverse printing effects and special effects, such as screen printing, bronzing, UV coating, etc., bringing more possibilities for product design and packaging.


Technology update iteration: With the continuous progress of science and technology, the technology of carton HD printing press is also constantly updated and iterated, and new models are constantly introduced to provide more functions and higher printing quality, helping enterprises to maintain a competitive advantage.

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